The 4 Best Types of Gelato for Date Night

The 4 Best Types of Gelato for Date Night

If you want the best gelato in NYC, look no further than Glace for your gelato needs. Although you can invest in the ingredients for homemade gelato, you can get it even faster at Glace and without dirtying your kitchen. Plus, you and your partner will have a reason to hit up the town.

Whether you plan on going out or staying in for date night, make sure you end the evening on a high note: with a tasty bowl of gelato. Here are four of the best flavors to purchase while you’re in the Jamaica, NY, area, or to make at home.

birthday cake gelato

1. Birthday Cake

Birthday cake gelato is just as exciting as having your own fun-size birthday cake any time you want it. The smooth, creamy taste and sprinkles blend are a work of art for your eyes, mouth, and stomach.

Dulce de Leche gelato

2. Dulce de Leche

Translated, dulce de leche means “sweet from milk,” and wow, is it ever sweet! Dulce de leche gelato is a combination of sweet cream and caramel, topped with a caramel swirl. This is an easy recipe, so if you prefer to stick around the house for date night, you’ll only need a few select ingredients for homemade dulce de leche gelato.


3. Stracciatella

Who knew that the ordinary combination of chocolate and vanilla could have an extraordinary taste? Stracciatella gelato is a simple yet satisfying combination of a sweetened vanilla-flavored base dressed with chocolate shavings or melted chocolate drizzle. The flavor contrast is sure to satisfy you and your sweetie’s sweet tooth.

Pistachio gelato

4. Pistachio

If you crave sweetness but also require nuts in your gelato, pistachio gelato is for you! This dense, creamy dessert has a pale green hue and strong pistachio flavor. One perk of making homemade pistachio gelato is that you can grind the nuts up as fine as you want to get the consistency you prefer.

A date night isn’t perfect unless you end it with the perfect dessert! Gelato meets this standard because it’s a lighter and more flavorful alternative to ice cream. Look no further if you’re searching for the best gelato in NYC. Glace has your gelato date-night needs covered! Contact us or stop in for a tasty treat!

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